Overloading of Vehicles - The Dangers

· Impedes the driver’s ability to control and manoeuvre the vehicle as the driver’s operating space is reduced. This is why many drivers, especially with passengers, are seen driving with their hands hanging outside of the vehicles.

The following video clips illustrate the effects of high-impact motor-vehicle collisions.

To reduce the incidence of road collisions by devising strategies, recommending programmes and developing and implementing a sustained road safety campaign in order to influence road user behaviour, prevent death and injury and thus lower the cost to society.

· A Natonal Road Safety Policy is a critical initiative in the effort to elevate road safety issues to a position of high priority on the national agenda.

· It provides the basis for working towards attaining the vision of a safe traffic environment.

· It creates the framework for the undertaking of corrective program inteventions. Click to view the N. R. S. Policy

Ms. Enthrose Campbell - Road Accident Survivor

I led an active life before that accident on October 3, 1990. I enjoyed a good game of netball or basketball or any game for that matter.  I taught Spanish to students all over Kingston travelling to their schools, homes or work places.  I also worked as a track coach as I am also a trained physical education specialist.    

The following tips will provide you with the necessary guidelines to help keep you and others safe on our roads.

· Motorists, when approaching a bend, ask yourself -- is this a sharp bend? Am I driving too fast? Am I taking the corner too wide and too far over to the right? What could I meet around the corner? Could I stop if I had to?
Use your head -- make road safety a way of life.
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